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Nucleode is an innovative company founded in 2017 and based in Gorizia, in the northeastern part of Italy. We are bringing to physicians and researchers latest technology innovations.

Our reality is capable of responding to various needs, particularly regarding hospital management. During development every step is monitored, tested and validated by our in-house Doctor of Medicine. This allows our engineers, computer scientists and cloud experts to bring projects in real hospitals in the shortest time possible.

About Us

Our Values

Improving medical information technology, changing global healthcare, bringing continuous innovation, exploring chances pioneering tools can give to doctors, researchers, and patients. We aim to a more accessible, interconnected and user-friendly healthcare.

This vision drives our daily work.

Company Profile
About Us
Medical View & Engineering Perspective


Our scientific expertise and cooperation with internationally renowned advisors allow the team to promptly forecast different challenges of the healthcare industry.

Thanks to engineering proficiency our company can deliver excellence to our customers, developing tailored and accessible solutions.

Our Technology

Our solutions are scalable, both horizontally and vertically, to meet any customer request. To achieve this, we integrate cloud solutions and mixed reality with tailor-made hardware. We manage and secure business-critical platforms, combining industry-leading container engine technology and enterprise-grade orchestration platform.


Our Cloud division uses Docker and Kubernetes technologies to manage secure and reliable infrastructure based on microservices. We use privacy by design approach in developing our applications that are HIPAA and HL7 compliant.


Augmented and Mixed Reality will soon become a strategic field in our company. We believe that Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality represent the best user experience in complex areas such as surgical planning and intraoperative setting. For this reason, we are constantly investing in this technologies.


Using our electronic engineering expertise we build hardware IoT prototypes that can communicate with any remote platform. This allows us to develop an integrated ecosystem, that combine hardware, mixed reality, and cloud computing.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing



Internet of Things

Internet of Things


AR & Mixed Reality

Case Studies

We embrace the philosophy of open source, cloud and IoT. The new programming languages, hardware innovations and scientific discoveries are sparks that ignite our inventiveness.


BaCriFVG Shape

Web application developed for the pediatric unit of Burlo Garofalo Hospital in Trieste.


Glycopas Shape

Multiplatform system dedicated to diabetic patients. The solution works on Android and iOS.


Kiron Shape

An innovative neurosurgery holographic navigation system. Mixed-Reality to serve surgery.


MyShiftPal Shape

Cloud-based platform for simplified management of doctors' shifts.


HospitalRun Shape

Free, offline-first, easy-to-use software for developing world healthcare.

A sneak peek on some of our deployed solutions


Today our solutions are used by pharmaceutical companies to easy manage daily activities, deadlines, meetings, event sharing and document sharing. Our products are also used in outbound and 4 hospital areas for clinical purposes, research purposes, surgical management and disruptive innovation.

July, 2016

Team gathering

First MVPs developed to satisfy early customers, and to provide feedback for future products

March, 2017

Became a limited company

First company high-grade cluster deployed

May, 2017

Business idea validation

Partnership with Microsoft Collecting Feedback

September, 2018

New partner

Collaboration with Barco NV

Our Team

Our strength is the heterogeneity of the team: from engineering, to computer and medical skills to cloud computing, brought together by team work and solution-oriented execution.

Daniele Piccolo

Daniele Piccolo

Chief Executive Officer
Maksim Sinik

Maksim Sinik

Chief Technology Officer
Stefano Miceli

Stefano Miceli

Chief Design Officer
Riccardo Gulin

Riccardo Gulin

Senior Software Architect
Stefano Casasola

Stefano Casasola

Senior Frontend Engineer
Matteo Vivona

Matteo Vivona

Cloud Architect

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